The Railway Museum Society in Linköping

The Railway Museum Society is a non-profit-making association which was founded in 1961. We collect and preserve railway records and vehicles. We are also involved in railway history research, especially railway history of Östergötland. The society supports the Östergötland Railway Museum. 
The museum consists of an old railway station, a yard and an exhibition hall. Narrow gauge locomotives, coaches and other railway accessories from the railway lines in the Östergötland region can be seen here, all collected by the Railway Museum Society. There are three tracks with locomotives, coaches and wagons you can look at and climb on, a map showing railways in Östergötland, things used in train service and a slide show with old pictures. To make sure the material will be preserved; all objects have been given to the Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle for deposition in Linköping.
Information about opening hours and special arrangements is given by the information office in Gamla Linköping (Old Linköping) +46-13-121110



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